New Screen for Ricketts

Wileman were back on site this week with the installation of a new HRI 1.5M wide x 5M long Double Deck Grading Screen for HD Ricketts at their Weeford site in Staffordshire.

The screen replaced a tired Parker and was restored to it’s original 15 degree angle, previously the old screen was propped up steeper to keep the material flowing.

All the work was conceived and planned by Wileman Engineers Ltd who asked Hewitt Robins International to provide a screen which would fit on the original parker frame and use the same media system of MHP supply.

HD Ricketts now have a lovely smooth running screen which sizes and rinses ‘as raised’ sand and gravel being delivered from the Wileman 2M4 Scrubber Barrel at a rate of 150 TPH plus a crusher feed from a recently installed HP200 Sandvik crusher discharging at approximately 80 TPH.

Clearly HD Ricketts have gone down the route of purchasing quality processing equipment from experienced and professional companies and will reap the benefits in terms of process quality & reliability

Screen Installation


For further information on Wileman Engineers Ltd and their capabilities visit

Screen Installed



Screen Commissioned

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