Wileman can now offer Logwashers of their own design to clean the most dirty of clay bound material in aggregates of up to 75mm in size.

Built to a robust standard these machines will go where no other machine has gone before.

Main Features

Twin independent high power drive through coupled gearboxes

Adjustable speed through V rope drive

Hard wearing replaceable bolted blades

Spiral bladed counteracting tubes

Debris & fines overflow at feed end

Unique Selling Points

Adjustable speed to suit materials and required throughput

Cost effective blade replacement

Spiral bladed logs to reduce power consumption

Interlocked drives to provide maximum efficiency at desired throughput

Basic range:

9M8 LogMan: Single 900mm diameter spiral bladed screw with 8 metre long trough

9M6 LogMan: Twin 900mm diameter spiral bladed screws with 6 metre trough length

12M8 LogMan: Twin 1200mm diameter spiral bladed screws with 8 metre trough length

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Logwasher on structure_A1



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