Wileman Super Scrubbers

Wileman Super Scrubber barrels are used in the mines & quarry industries for washing of materials.

Materials washed include:- Sand, gravel, limestone, marble, coal, contaminated soils, iron ore and many more.

Machine throughputs subject to material type & analysis:

15M27 <90 TPH: 30KW: <300 GPM

2M3 <120 TPH: 55KW: <350 GPM

2M4<180 TPH: 75KW: <450 GPM

25M45<225 TPH: 90KW: <500 GPM

25M6<275 TPH: 110KW: <650 GPM

3M6<350 TPH: 150KW: <750 GPM

33M7<500 TPH: 2x90KW: <900 GPM

35M11<800 TPH: 2x150KW: <1200 GPM

Design:- The design features include:-Robust barrel shell with machined track rings to provide smooth & concentric drive; pneumatic tyres driving and supporting the barrel; heavy duty helical gearbox & motor. Heavy duty support shafts and bearings

Other features:- Easily removable rubber liners to prolong the life of the shell; the ability to remove fines and water from either end of the barrel via perforated steel or polyurethane meshes.

Unique selling points:- The Wileman barrel uses the material to scrub itself, the material charge remains in the barrel to create more attrition to scrub the material; Wileman barrels usually run at 50% of critical speed allowing the material attrition to be maximised; The lump size of material that can be processed is larger than other washing methods available on the market such as logwashers; The machined roller paths provide strength to the shell and smoothness of drive. No complicated oiling or greasing is required other than normal standard bearing greasing.

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